Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My kid's are better than yours

I love my kids so this entry might be a little biased. I have read the blogs of other bloggers, blogging about their kids and how great they are. Fine, you have great kids but the truth is my kids are simply better than yours. Don’t take this personally SIB fan. Your kids are fine. Mine are simply better.
Just this week, Nick not only learned to Ollie on his skate board but he came up with a couple of solutions to solve world hunger, memorized Homer, and built a time machine.
Maddie also had an impressive week.
Frankly, I could blog all day about how perfect my kids are but I need to go do some really important stuff at the moment with my kids.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Super Important Time off

Why do my fan's insist on flooding my inbox questioning my absence and other such complaints? Don't you know I have Super Important things to do and can't always blog?! Even today, I really don't have time to type these words because of all the important things I have to do.
Here's a quick summary of the past couple of months to bring us up to speed.
- Spent time with the Family.
- Visited multiple Starbucks and enjoyed expensive water
- Read a few books that you probably have never heard of.
- Once again, watched the far superior British version of The Office
- Explained the plot of The Good Shepherd to some friends who “didn’t get it.”
- Viewed my favorite culturally important news website
- Other important things…