Sunday, February 18, 2007

Once again, I have to defend myself~

I know, I know. I am breaking my own rule for posting two times in less than one day, but this must be blogged about.

Sometimes I feel that the "media" is just out to get me. This time, it's Al Jezeera. They have accused me of heinous misconduct. I'm a family man! I do not consider such lascivious activity, let alone entertain it. I'm outraged by this vicious rumor and plan to contact my lawyer if this continues!

Too much of a good Tang!

Because I am probably going into space one day, I thought it would be beneficial to drink Tang on a regular basis and prepare myself for the trip. This morning, I put on my "pre-flight space suit" that was custom made for me last week, including the "space gloves" that are a bit bulky.
I know you see where this story is going so let me cut to the chase.
As I tried to open the tang with my gloves on, one thing led to another and Tang went flying everywhere. That's right. Tang particles all over the place.
Again, you might be thinking to yourself, "wow...good thing you were wearing your space suit", and you would be right. Could you image Tang flying up your nose? Or worse, I could have actually been in space and the Tang particles could have gone floating around "zero grav", clogging up the sensitive computer equipment.
Anywho...I will keep practicing this week and perfect my Tang opening procedures.
Just thought you would all want to know...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dining with a SIB Fan

Today, one lucky guest was able to enjoy lunch with yours truly. Typically, I stay away from such engagements but I have been putting this one off for a long time and was tired of his constant pestering (he even called me while we were both in the parking lot). Overall, it was a enjoyable lunch and I didn't stop him as he talked about this very blog. While I of course offered to pay for our dining experience, this SIB fan was so trilled by our time that he gladly picked up the tab.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Venti Milk Please!

Just to prove how superior my children are, they only order Starbucks sized drinks....where ever they dine. For example, this week, I proudly watched Maddie ask her pre-school teacher for a Venti chocolate milk. Nick prefers the Tall O.J. at lunch and both kids have Grande sized sippy cups at home.