Friday, April 27, 2007

Not a surprise!

Please stop! I'm usually not this brash but my email server is being overloaded! If it makes you all happy, then I accept these Thinking Blogger Awards. Being awarded over 200 times is plenty but when then next 300 rolled in, I had to say something. I guess a thank you to my fans is in order but let's be honest, does this blog really need a little gold (over 500 of them) award to prove that I am an amazing thinker? I "think" not.


Ad nauseam

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Very Super Important Special Report

Top 10 Para-Church Youth Ministers

1 Nate Rice

Nate is the super important junior high Director at a super famous camp (Billy Graham was there once). Nate has thought about writing some books and contributed some thoughts to his wife about articles she has written for numerous magazines. He is an editor for Nick’s homework and the founder of

2 Eric Venable

Eric is the really important V.P. of YouthFront, a 60 year-old, interdenominational youth ministry that strives to serve the local church and play as much golf as possible with a lot of really important people.

3 Mark Oestreicher

Marko, the recent recipient of the prestigious “Thinking Blogger Award”, could have made this list with his eyes closed. Not only is he the President of Youth Specialties, he’s a client. Note: Writing a series of books with the really super important award winner Kurt Johnson.

4 Johnny Scott

Johnny Scott is the Director of the big time traveling show “Jr High Believe” weekend Events by Christ In Youth. Not only an amazing para-church minister but Johnny is a bona-fide rock legend. Heard of Stryper? So has Johnny.

5 Andy Jack

While Andy is currently serving as a junior high pastor, he deserves mention on this list for two reasons. First, he was voted 21st on the Church Report’s Top 20 Youth Pastors list and second, he did speak at a para-church event this year which sort-of makes him a super important para-church leader. Way to go Andy! Congrats!

6 Sean Meade

With a title like “National Coordinator”, there is no question Sean deserves to be on this super important list. Sean works one day a year but it’s a super hard day of work.

7 John Wilson

John barely made this list. As the Executive Director of the Lake Ave Community Foundation, we’re not sure exactly what John does but it’s most likely super important.

8 Jason Raitz

Jason is the Founder of Project 311 which serves to….oh wait….never mind.

9 Ron Luce

It's hard to believe that Ron Luce didn't end up higher on this list. A para-church mega star, Ronny (as his very close friends call him), is hard at work creating a para-military force of youth that are fighting the good war against the evils of Culture. Among other things, Ron's got a knack for coming up with hip names for ministries such as "Teen Mania".

10 Madonna

Music icon, Film Star and recently, para-church minister. Millions of youth (and drunk 34 year old house wives) crammed stadiums this past year to hear the gospel according to Madonna. Using a well lit cross, she used music and dance to spread the good news. She could easily move up on this list in future years!